Universal Joint

OEM No.: GUIS-52

Size: 29x50B

Other Part Number:


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  1. Oversized Elliptical Shaped Bearings

    Three-point- contact Triple Lip Seal to have the best Sealing Performance

    Cold Forged Spider and Case

    Premium Material for excessive Load application

    Universal joint consists of spider(cross) and 4 grease-filled roller bearings. It can transmit large torque at low friction. Spider with journal pegs and bearing cases as outer ring were hot forged or cold formed and machined.They are later carburized in furnace so that increased ruggedness and wear resistance are obtained.

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  1. Car Model:

    Isuzu TROOPER I (UBS) 2.2 D 4WD  1984-1989
    Isuzu TROOPER I (UBS) 2.8 TD  1987-1991
    Isuzu TROOPER I (UBS) 2.8 TD (UBS55)  1987-1991
    Isuzu TROOPER I Open Off-Road Vehicle (UBS) 2.2 TD (UBS52)  1984-1991
    Isuzu TROOPER I Open Off-Road Vehicle (UBS) 2.3 (UBS16)  1985-1991
    Isuzu TROOPER I Open Off-Road Vehicle (UBS) 2.6 i (UBS17)  1987-1991
    Isuzu TROOPER II (UB) 3.1 TD  1991-1998
    Isuzu TROOPER II (UB) 3.2  1991-1998
    Isuzu TROOPER II Open Off-Road Vehicle (UB) 3.1 TD  1991-1998
    Isuzu TROOPER II Open Off-Road Vehicle (UB) 3.2  1991-1998
    Isuzu TROOPER III 3.5 V6 24V AWD  2000-2004
    Isuzu TROOPER III Open Off-Road Vehicle 3.5 V6 24V  2000-2004